Intermodal transport has evolved through the convergence of different “transport worlds”—some of which have been ideologically separated for a long time. These worlds have developed their own jargon, and this makes communication between them more difficult. A crucial condition for the acceptance and success of intermodal transport is that communication is as smooth as possible since system-based coop- eration is required. The aim of this chapter is an attempt to harmonize the different jargons so as to ensure complete understanding of intermodal transport within the context of COMBINE. Properly defining and adopting terms is essential to the suc- cess of the project itself. The research activities on terminology have been focused on three terms: (1) combined and intermodal transport, (2) intermodal loading unit, and (3) terminal. For each term, an analysis using the regulatory framework from EU Directives, various international glossary-based sources, and best practices from industry associations is applied.