About Combine

COMBINE project, funded by the Interreg Baltic Sea Region Programme, aims at enhancing the share of combined transport, CT, in the Baltic Sea Region to make transport more efficient and environmentally friendly.

COMBINE project follows a comprehensive approach to strengthen all parts of the transport chain: main leg, terminal handling and last mile. New technologies regarding these different parts of the transport chain as well as modern and efficient transport organization are opportunities for the Baltic Sea Region. To inhibit pure road transport, it is vital to use the benefits of each transport mode and to optimize each part of the transport chain where appropriate.

COMBINE is led by Port of Hamburg Marketing and implemented together with 14 partners from Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Finland, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland and Sweden. These partners have joined their forces to work towards a higher share of combined transport and to increase the knowledge about combined transport in the Baltic Sea Region. The project has also 14 selected associated partners from Belarus, Germany, Denmark, Finland, Latvia, Poland and Sweden supporting the project partners in their respective fields. All national ministries of transport are involved in COMBINE as partners or as associated organizations. Further, regional and local public authorities, infrastructure and public service providers, business support organizations, interest groups, enterprises and research institutes are participating. This wide range of different experiences, responsibilities and networks ensures valuable outputs that contribute to the aimed change in the Baltic Sea Region.

COMBINE will contribute to closer cooperation in the policy level, stronger support for combined transport and a stronger role of combined transport in the BSR transport system. The project’s budget amounts to 3,49 M€ of which 2,72 M€ is co-financed by the Baltic Sea Region Programme (ERDF). The COMBINE project began in January 2019 and will run until June 2021.